The European Union is rapidly becoming a more important part of the daily life of European citizens. National countries have decided to transfer important powers in an unprecedented way. Budgetright, energy policies, border control and monetary issues are all decided upon by Brussels.

But what does this mean for people's lives and how democratic is this development? Filmmaker Peter Vlemmix goes on a journey to uncover the core of the European project. Who pull the strings, what are the agenda's for the next years and why is Euro-scepticism growing.

Does the European Union provide a better life for European people, or is it benefiting a few? This is the question addressed by Euromania, a documentary film containing interviews with some of Europe's most influential policy makers as well as personal stories from people directly touched by European decisions.

Cast of Characters

Paul van Buitenen

Former account European Commission and Whistleblower

Pascoe Sabido

Corporate Europe Observatory

Jos Bosman

Professor of architectural design @ TU/Eindhoven

Harry van Bommel

Member of Dutch Parliament / Socialist Party

Wim van der Camp

Member of EuropeanParliament / EPP

Deidre Curtin

Professor of European Law @ University of Amsterdam

Ewald Engelen

Professor of Geography @ University of Amsterdam

Nigel Farage

Member of European Parliament for the South East of England

Chris Ostendorf

Brussels reporter for Dutch National Broadcast Organisation

Marietje Schaake

Member of European Parliament / ALDE

Rinus van Schendelen

Professor Political Science @ Erasmus University Amsterdam

Adriaan Schout

Deputy Director Research @ Clingendael Think Tank

Daniel van der Stoep

Member of European Parliament / Article 50

Peter Vlemmix


Wim Voermans

Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law @ Leiden University Netherlands


Nils Rensen Editor

Diana Correa Producer

Stefan Meutstege Sound

Matteo Taheri Music Supervisor

Juho Nurmela Music